Verfasst von: dreinold | 11. September 2012


Hey everyone,

I felt like writing an article in English. A lot of things happened recently and there were certainly some movements…

I resigned my contract in Portugal with SC Beira Mar and went straight back to Germany to take care of my knee, which was still not okay. Right after I arrived back home, I met up with my doctor and we decided to have an arthroscopy on my left knee. That was last friday. Now I am recovering and going to have physical therapy every day.

For those who keep asking or are just interested what my plans are or where I am going to play: I do not know anything yet.

The ones who have met or talked to me know that I will just work and train as hard as I can and see how things will go. All I can certainly tell you is that I cannot wait to be back on the field, touching the ball and just work my ass off to come back even better and well prepared for the next step. I know what I am capable of, and I will not stop training. I am willing to work harder than most, and this is exactly why I will be back soon…

I am so grateful for the support that I received lately, it helps me even more being motivated to come back soon.

Thanks to my family, girlfriend and friends…


Here is a picture which was taken right after my surgery:



  1. Lieber Dominic,wir sind in Gedanken immer bei Dir,das ist nur eine moralische Hilfe,aber auch die hilft manchmal.Wir hoffen nur das Du wiederauf die Beine kommst und Deinen geliebten Sport weiter ausüben
    Kannst. Wenn Sermon bald bei Dir ist wird alles besser.a
    Alleinsein in der Fremde ist schon nicht einfach,und Zusammen erträgt man
    Alles leichter.Du wirst sehen es geht dann wieder aufwärts.

    Also Junge Kopf hoch toi toi toi
    Dein opa

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